I aim to grasp invisible truth through consistent symbolism in my work. The most important symbol represents the intensely interconnected world through a reflective and responsive surface. The surface consists of damaged and deteriorating copper plating on glass that allows the environment enter the painting as well as shifting depth and colour depending on the viewer. The complicated, organic patterns represent the pockmarked Mother Earth, the embracing Universe and Time itself. As a contrast of the confusion, visible life is represented by the applied paint emerging in recognisable shapes and colours. This painting talks about the confusion about where our bodies and lives end and where the world starts. I am unsure, inexperienced to be able to look at myself as a unit. I feel that the control and sense of our environment that we possess is a shapeless, clueless, shifting, soft mass that only incidentally, sometimes, deceptively equals the shape of our skin.

Last year I conceived, nurtured and lost a little son. Daniel died inside my body that was living a life of its own while I, as an ego, as a person never had any say in what happened. His entire lifetime was spent inside the boundaries of my body and now I am confused. Is he still inside, so close that he is invisible, or is he around me somewhere, so far that he is invisible? Where is he and where am I and how could I hold him and kiss him and look at him once more, even if in my dreams? I don’t know where to look.

This is an experimental piece for the Daniel series I am working on in memory of my son’s life.